UMB Initial Radiation Safety Training (RST)
14: Topics to Be Covered
15: Introduction to Radiation Physics
16: The Atom
17: The Atomic Structure of an element is de
18: Atomic Structure Example
19: Isotopes
20: Chart of the Nuclides
21: Radiation
22: Alpha Particles
23: Intra Nuclear Reactions Alpha Decay
24: Beta Particles
25: Beta Particles
26: Beta Decay
27: Beta Decay
28: Beta Decay
29: Beta Decay
30: Beta Particle Range
31: Bremsstrahlung Radiation
32: Bremsstrahlung Radiation
33: Neutrons

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Beta Particles

        - Electrons emitted from the nucleus

     - Have a spectrum of energies with an average beta energy equal to about one

third of the maximum beta energy

        - May be either negatively charged (negatrons) or positively charged (positrons)